Safety Features of the Future

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Anyone who drives knows how important car safety is. After all, every single time we get on the road we are taking a risk, whether we realize it or not. Because of the  importance of car safety, many people look for vehicles with extensive safety features. For many, car safety is an absolute deal breaker when looking for a new vehicle.

Despite the importance of car safety to most drivers, most people don’t seem to talk about it when discussing the car trends in the future. Most people tend to focus on the more glamorous, exciting features or the aesthetics of up-and-coming cars. However, there are many new safety features that we can expect to see in the cars of the future. Keep reading below to learn more about them. 

Health Monitoring

Health emergencies often happen at the most inconvenient times, and that includes when we’re driving. Luckily, some car manufacturers are working on installing health monitors for their next generation of vehicles. This technology is being pioneered by automobile heavyweight Ford, who previewed the technology about three years ago.

Built-in health monitoring technology will assess a driver’s vital health statistics in real-time, assisting those in the car when a heart attack is imminent. This feature goes above and beyond just health monitoring, however. When a health emergency is detected, the car will have the ability to not only pull itself over, but call paramedics as well. Your car could end up saving your life.

Driver Override Technology 

Another safety feature that you can expect to see is driver override technology, which is exactly how it sounds. When your car detects that an accident is imminent, the driver override technology will take over and maneuver your car away from the accident. This technology is especially important considering how our emotions can take over in a dangerous situation like an accident. With this driver override technology assisting the drivers of the future, we will hopefully see fewer accidents on the road. 

Airbags..with a Twist

The importance of airbags can simply not be understated. Air bags keep our bodies safe after a car crash and free from harmful injuries that can profoundly influence the path of your life. However, the airbags of the future are moving toward a preventative approach, rather than the reactive approach that we are accustomed to today. This new type of airbag, created by the engineers at Mercedes-Benz, are coated with a special friction technology. Instead of going inside the vehicle, the airbags go underneath the car and only deploy if a crash is about to occur. The friction coating helps the airbag slow down, further helping the driver avoid a potentially deadly crash. 

Look out for these new features the next time you go out car shopping. Remember to always ask the cars salesman about the safety features available in the cars that you’re looking at. The features discussed in this post may just end up saving your life or the life of a loved one. 

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