You Need Some Auto Body Work Done – Now What?

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You have been in an accident. You did not think it was ever going to happen to you, but now it has. You were in a wreck, and your car needs some body work done. The confusion of finding a mechanic or body shop that is trusted can be frustrating. We are continuously inundated with cheap pricing and guaranteed work. However, further research might be to your advantage. Advantage Collision has done the job to get you started in repairing your car. Here are some tips to make your investment and repair work worth it.

Don’t Take the Bait

We are teased every day with $19.99 advertisements. It is so easy to grab the first offer to fix your problems at the lowest price. The lowest price isn’t always your best bet. The ‘you get what you pay for’ adage is tried and true. Being bombarded daily with low price guarantees can be overwhelming. Don’t get sucked into the whirlwind of price wars. You may not be happy in the end if you settle for a shop that is suggested to you for an amazingly minimal cost. The finale of your experience may be very anticlimactic. It is vital to do a very detailed inventory of the charges, line-by-line, to compare prices.

Get Ready

If you fail to plan—you plan to fail. With huge billboards and constant commercials selling us on the idea of quality work, it’s easy to call the most well-advertised shop to get our vehicles restored. But, your best bet is to go with word of mouth. Talk to your neighbors and co-workers to find the most reliable body-work company nearest you. Don’t take the bait of over-publicized companies. Seeking out and investigating businesses that seem to be offering what you are asking for puts you ahead of the customer game.

Make an Appointment

These days we all need to get to where we’re going very quickly. Waiting for an adjuster to inspect your vehicle could be catastrophic to your daily routine and livelihood. While anticipating the arrival of an insurance adjuster, have your car or truck checked out by other shops that are happy to give you an estimate. If you happen to move forward with repairs in a shop not yet suggested by your insurer, you can always ask for reimbursement in the future. However, don’t forget that your insurance provider may deny a steeply priced receipt. Your best bet is to go with the reliable evidence you have researched and take action promptly.

When seeking a reliable and honest estimate for automobile bodywork, Advantage Collision provides the service and assurance that you need. With service available daily, you have the freedom to drop into any of our shops to receive trust-worthy estimate information on your schedule. Visit an Advantage Collision shop today to get your vehicle back to the condition that you can be proud of.

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