Worst States to Get Caught Speeding

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Getting busted for speeding is something that almost everyone has experienced. You’re going seven over, and you’re greeted by police at the bottom of the hill. Receiving a speeding violation can be a different experience depending on which state you’re in. We took a peek at data from the National Motorist Association to see which states have the most unforgiving speeding regulations.

Most Speed Traps – Texas
If you’ve ever visited the state, you know you can drive all day and still not make it across Texas. Texas is filled with small towns that use speed traps to bring in extra tax income. The National Motor Association reported that the state had over 1,300 speed traps in 2015. Be sure to watch carefully for highway speed changes if you’re road tripping through the area.

Worst Court Fees – Massachusetts
If you want to contest your ticket in a Massachusetts court, you’re going to face a $275 non-refundable fee. This means it may be cheaper just to pay the initial ticket off, especially if it’s your first one as it usually won’t affect your insurance. Many questioned if the states’ high fee was constitutional, and in 2005 the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court upheld the fee as a means to prevent the court system from being clogged with frivolous cases. Bikers beware! Cyclists are subject to the same fees as motorists.

Most Overzealous Ticket Writing – Washington D.C.
Washington D.C. is technically a city, but this city is writing tickets by the million, literally. AAA Mid-Atlantic stated that the city issues tickets to “motorists that never entered the city.” We feel confident in calling D.C. over the top if they’re giving tickets to people who have never even been inside city limits. Their rampant ticketing made for just under 3 million speeding tickets issued in a one year period. This earned them $83 million in revenue. Add another $250 million if you take into account the five and half million parking tickets the city issued in just three years.
For all the money brought in from tickets, they lose a good chunk of it in court costs. AAA reported that in 2013, over $55 million of fines went unpaid. In addition to that, over half the people who contested their tickets ended up winning the case.

Worst Fines – Georgia
Fines for speeding violations vary from state to state, but most will run you a couple hundred dollars. Georgia’s law allows for a speeding ticket that breaks the $1,000 mark. The state is one of five states that allows first-time offenders to receive a $1,000 fine, others being Illinois, North Carolina, Nevada, and New Hampshire. If you happen to be speeding on a highway, Georgia has a special, additional $200 fine for highway speeding, totaling your fine potential to a whopping $1,200.

Highest Insurance Hikes – California
For most, the insurance penalties can be the worst part of receiving a ticket. In California, insurance rates hike after a ticket that can cost you up to twenty times the original cost of the ticket. Be sure to avoid a ticket if you live in California, or your wallet will feel the effects for years to come.

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