Why You Should Use LED Fog Lights in Your Car

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With the exception of some luxury vehicles or older vehicles on the road, halogen bulbs are the standard headlights on most cars on the road today. With the same technology widely in use with street lighting today, you can now enjoy the strength of a halogen bulb with greater efficiency and durability by installing LED fog lights. Some of the major benefits of LED lighting include:

  • Greater efficiency. Compared to a 55w halogen bulb, LED fog lights deliver a similar power level (or higher, within the legal limits on the road) while being up to 10 times more efficient. This means that while the average halogen bulb may only last 800-1200 hours, LED lights can theoretically be powered indefinitely, though most last between 50,000 – 60,000 hours.
  • Better value. While the average cost of halogen bulbs tends to be lower, considering the relative lifespan of the two bulbs, LED lights can often be a better investment. As LED bulbs continue to enter more and more facets of our lives, automobiles included, expect the cost to continue to come down.
  • They are brighter and cooler. While it is worth noting that some jurisdictions have legal limits on the brightness of a bulb, but LED lights generally have a higher upper end to their brightness. With this being said, their relative efficiency means that compared to halogen lights, they emit far less energy in heat and are usually not hot to the touch.
  • They have less of an environmental impact. Almost all LED lights are 100% recyclable. Given their higher degree of efficiency, they also save on materials used to produce halogen bulbs.

While LED lights are the superior product in terms of payoff over time and efficiency, there can be some issues with LED headlights, especially if you aren’t much of a car maintenance person. These include:

LED installation kits.

Given that the vast majority of vehicles still on the road today use halogen bulbs, LED installation kits often force the user to alter the existing setup for the headlights on the car. This can be very inconvenient for those who don’t have the time or resources to modify the headlight setup.

They aren’t as easily replaceable.

The one main upside of halogen bulbs is that they are easily replaced – once the filament is burned out, simply replace the bulb with a new one. If there are issues with your LED lights, depending on the kit or brand of lights you use, there may be some more hassle in replacing the bulbs.

Given these benefits and drawbacks to LED lighting, you should consider the use of LED lighting in your car for a brighter, more efficient light. If you can find a good LED kit that fits your car, we think that it is worth a try. As always, make sure that you are following local regulations are you are installing your LED bulbs, as these regulations are often set for safety reasons.

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