Which Used Parts Can I Buy?

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Automotive repairs can quickly become a money drain, but buying used parts can help you save a significant amount of money. Unfortunately, not all used car parts are created equal. While some parts don’t make sense to install used, other used parts tend to be unsafe. We’re here to help you learn where it makes sense to save your money. Generally, the following parts are safe to buy used:

Mirrors: Mirrors can be incredibly expensive to replace, no matter if it’s your rearview mirror or a side mirror. Hiking the price of mirrors even higher are features included in new car models which often include a thermometer, compass, or additional magnifying mirrors for blind spots. Finding used mirrors online can cut the price in half.

Windows: Buying used windows for your car will allow you to stretch your auto repair budget even further. Whether your windshield is cracked, or you need to repair other windows or a dented sunroof, you can easily find high quality used windows. In addition to the actual windows, if you need to replace the hardware and switches that allow you to roll your windows up and down, these resources can also be purchased used for a much better price than new parts.

Spare Tires: When you run over a nail, have a flat tire, or experience a blowout, you need a spare tire that’s going to get you from point A to point B safely. Fortunately, plenty of used spares can do the job just fine. In many instances, depending on the year your car was made, you can find a used tire that is newer than your original spare for a third of the price of a brand new spare.

Rims: As long as the structural integrity of a set of rims is intact, it usually makes sense to buy them used. No matter if you are looking for a sturdy set of steel rims or higher end alloy, it’s worth sweeping through a local junkyard to see what’s available.

Interior Parts: If you’re looking to replace your steering wheel, mats, trim, headrests, or other interior parts, finding gently used items is a smart idea. Though the parts you need may not be brand new, you can often find clean, functional parts in relatively good condition. After all, if your car isn’t brand new either, these lightly used parts will fit right in.

As with any purchase, buying used car parts online can be dicey. We recommend evaluating used parts in person before buying to avoid wasting money where you meant to save it.

Fixing your car up doesn’t need to cost you a fortune. By remaining cautious and evaluating the condition of every item to that you buy used, you can easily save hundreds of dollars while giving your car a much-needed update.

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