What to do When a Car Accident Leads to a Repair Estimate

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When you have been in an accident, the first thing that you will want to do is get your vehicle fixed. But, what is the first step in the process? Advantage Collison does the research for you so that getting your life back to normal does not have to be a burden. While some believe that high prices and ridiculous delays are the norms, Advantage Collision provides the prompt, reliable, and cost-effective service that you need.

Don’t go for the money

It can be very tempting to accept the first low dollar offer you receive when looking for automobile body work to be completed. However, you may find that the price combined with the quality of work is deceptive. Most trustworthy body shops provide a convenient waiting area while they take a very in-depth look at your vehicle. In the end, you should be given an itemized report of any damage and what it may cost to repair it. If this isn’t your experience, you are most likely having the wool pulled over your eyes. It’s important to never go for the lowest price. In the end, you’ll regret it.

This is not the time to practice patience

We are all overwhelmed with the demands of day to day life but waiting around for your insurance adjuster to get back to you is not in your best interest. Begin getting estimates from trusted body shops immediately to get the most bang for your buck. Get that car or truck back on the road in the condition that you expect and in the time frame that you desire. Remember that you always have the option to get the work done before your adjuster even arrives. It is within your rights to present a receipt of the work and ask for reimbursement.

Check their history

Always be sure to go with companies that are well-rooted and trusted in the community. Thankfully, we now have social media outlets like Yelp to investigate businesses and pour over reviews before investing in their services. Once you visit an establishment that is suitably suggested, always expect a line-by-line break down of parts and labor. Be sure to do this with at least three well-researched body shops. The word of a neighbor or friend that has a history with a trusted mechanic is priceless. Checking the history of a shop makes all the difference in the price and experience that you receive as a customer.

Always keep in mind that the service received while waiting on an estimate is very telling of the reliability of the work that will be done. Don’t immediately go for the lowest price offered. Be proactive and expedient in getting estimates and work done. And, make sure to choose a company that has an impeccable reputation. At Advantage Collision, we are available every day to pay careful attention to your vehicle and give an honest and sincere estimate of parts and labor.

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