The Wacky Cars of Burning Man 2019

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Burning Man. Before there was Coachella and Fyre Festival, there was Burning Man. This week-long event celebrates not only art but self-expression, too. Attendees make their way to Black Rock City in the Black Rock Desert of California. Here, art in all forms is shown to the public, with everything from sculptures to performance art pieces.

One of the staples of the shows are the “mutant vehicles” — yes, you heard correctly. These notable vehicles are tricked out cars that are beyond wacky, totally not something you would see driving on the highway. If you’re intrigued, check out some of the most fascinating mutant vehicles from Burning Man 2019.

A Little More about Mutant Vehicles

For those not familiar with Burning Man, the concept of a mutant vehicle can be a bit confusing. Per the Burning Man official website, a mutant vehicle is a car that has been altered and tricked-up so extensively that it no longer resembles its original form.

Attendees have two different options: they can either create a mutant vehicle using a car that already exists or they can create from scratch. All that really matters is that it no longer looks “normal.”

Individuals who wish to bring a mutant vehicle to Burning Man must register the vehicle and make sure that it follows the established qualifications for entry.

Fire Breathing Octopus

A crowd favorite was a mutant vehicle featuring a giant metal octopus that literally breathed fire. The mutant vehicle’s real name is in Spanish, El Pulpo Mecánico, and it was both designed and built by Duane Flatmo. This mutant vehicle got its inspiration from a ‘73 Ford.

Giant Shark

This one is for all the lovers of Shark Week out there. This mutant vehicle was a giant metal shark, complete with fins, jaws, and a pirate flag. The designer and owner of the mutant vehicle used a Cadillac Sedan as its base. Who knew Cadillacs were so versatile!

A Mobile Bar

How genius! These Burners turned their vehicle into a tropical bar, which would be perfect for the hot weather in the Black Rock Desert. Better yet, those enjoying a drink at the bar can move around while doing so. Then, you could enjoy a nice, yet rare, breeze while enjoying your favorite beverage. Just remember to have a designated driver!

You truly do see it all at Burning Man. This mutant vehicle features the iconic mascot of Scrubbing Bubbles bathroom cleaner by Johnson and Johnson. Yes, he was featured on a mutant vehicle at Burning Man. What is impressive about this mutant vehicle is that it actually looks like a giant replica of Scrubby, which really speaks to the skill of the individual who designed this mutant vehicle.

Whether or not you ever make it out to Burning Man, these cars are certainly a sight to behold. You should definitely look up pictures of the mutant vehicles to get a better understanding of what they actually look like. Who knows, you actually may end up making one, one day!

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