How Repair Technicians Diagnose Damage

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After a collision, repair technicians do their best to address any problems in a cost-efficient manner that is visually appealing. Whether the accident was minor or the vehicle sustained significant damage, these experts are required to carefully inspect every component of the vehicle to ensure it is still safe to drive. The full extent of the damage is not easily recognizable to the untrained eye, and if the problems go unfixed, it leads to bigger issues later on. Here are some of the types of damages technicians look for after a vehicle has been damaged in an accident:

Damaged Bumpers and Fenders

Bumpers and fenders are one of the most common areas on the vehicle to take damage after an accident, and they are specifically designed to absorb as much of the impact as possible. The bumpers on older vehicles were made of steel, and they were mounted directly onto the frame to provide strong resistance to force. However, modern technology and safety improvements have changed the way vehicles are designed, and bumpers are now welded to other components that create a protective crumple-zone during a collision. Cracks in the lightweight material should be fixed to uphold the integrity of this safety device, but if the bumper is severely damaged, it’s best to replace it.

Door Panel Dents

Door panel damage is deceptively serious, and although the harm may seem trivial, sometimes the entire panel needs to be replaced. If the door does not properly align with the hinges, it allows air to whip into the vehicle while moving down the road, causing lots of noise and exposing passengers to the elements. Over time, rain, snow, heat, and cold can damage the interior of the vehicle and cause more problems if the door panel is not replaced. Another concern with this type of damage is how difficult it is to open and close a misaligned door. In the event of an emergency, the door should be easy to use, which is why the repair technician might recommend the door panel be replaced.

Impaired Windshields

The windshield is an important safety feature on every vehicle, and it protects the passengers from debris on the road while also supporting the roof of the car. If the windshield has been cracked or chipped, it may need to be replaced to prevent the component from failing in the future. Small cracks and large chips are quick to expand across the entire windshield when it takes any further damage. The concern that technicians have is that the entire windshield could fail in the event of another collision, leaving the passengers dangerously exposed to shards of glass and other debris from the wreck. Cracks and chips also create visual distractions for the driver, so it’s always best to make sure your windshield is as stable as possible.

The types of damages after an accident are sometimes obvious, but not always. That’s why it’s important that you find a trustworthy technician who can help you identify the necessary repairs to stay safe.

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