How much does it cost to repair a windshield?

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It can happen in the blink of an eye. One small pebble flies off the back of a commercial truck driving in front of you, and all of the sudden there’s a small, annoying dent in your windshield. Left alone, that dent that can grow into a whole view-obstructing crack requiring costly windshield repair. This is a frustrating scenario and one that we are often unable to prevent. The longer you wait to repair your windshield, the worse it will get, and unfortunately, windshield band-aids have not been invented yet. Windshields play a vital role in the structural health of your vehicle, so ensuring they are in a safe condition will prevent potential injuries to both yourself and other drivers if involved in a more serious accident.

Replacing an entire windshield is expensive and time-consuming, so knowing the costs involved could help one prepare for this type of incident. Hopefully if this does happen, your insurance will cover the costs in full; however, being aware of average costs will help you to be a more savvy consumer when it comes to conversations with your local auto repair shop.

Costs vary widely depending on the damage, but the average windshield repair costs around $250. Expenses can be as low as $100 and grow to $400, so being proactive in setting up a time to get repairs could save you quite a bit of money. The type of vehicle you drive also plays a role in the final amount of repairs because each manufacturer uses different types of parts to assemble your vehicle in the construction process. Luxury vehicles will often require the windshield to come directly from the dealer. These include Lexus, Mercedes, Cadillac, and others. Typically, newer vehicles and convertibles take additional time and cost more as well.

These days, windshields are not simply glass plates that are easily placed on the front side of your vehicle. You’ll find that they include a variety of features, including sensors for rain and condensation, wiper park area, a third visor to mitigate sun penetration, blind spot monitoring, a rear-view mirror that has electrical elements that adjust during different times of the day, and a lane departure warning system. With all of these advanced features, the costs can rise even higher than the average amounts you find, resulting in out-of-pocket expenses that you may have been saving for an exciting new gadget or fun trip.

how do you fix this?

Additionally, you need to assess the difference in costs between going with an originally manufactured windshield or an aftermarket windshield. The Department of Transportation does not necessarily approve the aftermarket windshields, and those makers do not have a contract with your vehicle’s dealer, meaning your replacement windshield could have fewer features, tint levels, or glass thickness.

There is quite a bit that goes into making a decision when it comes to windshield repairs, and it is to your benefit to do your own research on local auto shops, dealers, and your vehicle in order to make a sound choice when it comes to deciding who will handle your repairs. Keep in mind that this is the protective shield for you while driving, preventing debris and objects from harming you if involved in hazardous conditions. If one small pebble can start all of this, chances are your windshields will be protecting you from them for years to come.

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