Are Automatic or Manual Transmissions Better?

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If you’re in the market for a new car, you’re probably considering a bunch of different factors before you make the plunge. You need to decide whether you want a car or a truck, and what year. You also want to save some money, so you might decide to go with a pre-owned vehicle.

One thing to consider when buying a new car is whether you want a car with manual transmission or one with automatic transmission. Both types have different features that dramatically alter the way the transmission functions.

In a car that uses automatic transmission, the car takes the work out of it, shifting gears so that you don’t have to. Manual transmission is a little trickier. Here, the driver is the one ensuring that their car is in the proper gear at all times.

This is why driving a car with automatic transmission is often referred to as “driving stick.” There are pro and cons to both methods of transmission!

An automatic transmission is better for people who frequently encounter areas with a high volume of traffic. Constantly fiddling with a manual stick shift is bound to become at least mildly infuriating after a while, and that’s why many people prefer to let their cars do the heavy lifting.

Additionally, most modern cars are incredibly fast at changing gears. Most people wouldn’t be able to switch gears as fast as cars do nowadays! This is vital during times when safety becomes an issue- saving as much time as possible is optimal for the driver’s safety.

It’s also better if you live on terrain that requires you to go up or down any hills. Manual transmissions can be tricky and one mistake can lead to a nasty crash.

This isn’t to say that there aren’t any benefits of picking out a car that has a manual transmission. Because the engine is so finely-tuned to the needs of the driver, it spends less time revving and idling. This means that there’s a good chance that your manual transmission gets better gas mileage than it would if it were an automatic transmission.

Stick shifts can also save you more than just gas. Automatic transmissions are made with complex technology, so any repairs needed can get expensive fast. A manual transmission will be cheaper to repair due to its simplicity, a benefit that’s certainly attractive to anyone looking to make a purchase.

Also, manual transmission cars just seem to be cheaper than their automatic counterparts as a whole. So while they may have a bit of a steep learning curve, they’ll save their drivers money in the long run.

Transmission types are just one of many factors that come into play when someone’s on the hunt for a car. If you decide to go with a stick shift, don’t be discouraged just because you’ve never driven one before!

Learning to drive stick can be fun, and can help you stand out. Of course, don’t be afraid to stick with what’s tried and true with an automatic transmission. Whatever you pick, make sure it’s the right match for you!

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