All About Car Infotainment

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The world is rapidly changing around us every single day, and that includes our cars. Each year’s new models bring out new features we never even dreamed of.

One of those features you may end up seeing in the next set of cars you look at are “infotainment” features. Infotainment features are exactly what they sound like — they can serve as either sources of entertainment or valuable information needed to navigate the road. Keep reading to learn more about this new upcoming trend and learn more some features you may see in the near future.

A Familiar Name….

One of the leading brands for car infotainment design is automobile powerhouse General Motors. General Motors spent time researching possibilities for infotainment integration into their products. The car company tested out the possibility of using Google functions in their cars, and drivers were apparently in favor of the idea.

Cars will use Google and their Android interface for its infotainment features. Some features drivers can expect to see include Google Maps, everyone’s favorite GPS system, and Google Assistant.

Car lovers can expect to see infotainment features in Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and Cadillac cars. These new features are expected to roll out in 2021, so eager car enthusiasts have just two more years to wait! Don’t expect these features to pop up all at once, however. General Motors plans to roll out these features across multiple regions in the United States. This is likely to see how the features are received before expanding to other areas.

More about Google Assistant

Those who are faithful iPhone users may not be as familiar with the Google Assistant interface, which operates somewhat like Apple’s iconic Siri. Users can ask Google Assistant questions and ask it to look up things for them via the Internet. Individuals can use Google Assistant to add something to their shopping list or schedule events on their calendar, among other daily tasks. This feature being added to cars would allow those who find themselves constantly on the go to keep track of their routine.

Other Brands

Other car companies are opting for car infotainment systems and choosing to consult Google. Volvo, for example, has decided to get rid of their own infotainment system and work with Google on bringing its iconic features to its vehicles. Volvo is taking a different approach from General Motors in terms of deployment, choosing to first reveal the new features in the Polestar 2 and then expanding the features to other vehicles.


While having infotainment in our cars can make our driving experiences even more rewarding, they should never become a distraction. Always make sure to keep your eyes and full attention on the road. Adding something to your calendar or asking Google Assistant to look up something for you can always wait. Distracted driving can lead to injuries or even death in both you and others on the road.

Keep an eye out for these features the next time you look for a new vehicle!

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